Artistic Image are innovative, passionate, collaborative visual scientists driven to produce creative campaigns of the absolute highest standards.

We are catalysts for media agnostic concepts that push technical boundaries, turning phenomenal ideas into incredible realities.  We originate from diverse backgrounds such as advertising, graphic design, fine art, film and TV production, and we have the knowledge and experience to execute on any creative project you have.

Artistic Image’s Partners

Artistic Image’s Big Bang began with CEO Michael Zarrillo and CCO Ed Dye in 1996 and expanded out in 2007 with Partner Ken Soons.

Michael is AI’s emotional bonding agent in his passion for people, both in Artistic Image’s business, and beyond.  AI’s Designer/Director extraordinaire, Ed is categorized as one of the top 200 digital artists in the world by Lürzer's Archive.

Ken is an award-winning Director, Editor, Photographer and the catalyst for AI’s empirical excellence.

These three partners perpetually remain in motion for your creative business needs.

Artistic Image is a collaborative studio environment wherein artists and clients bond together to create visual genius.
Ai Through The Microscope.

We are your Creative partners and our lab of directors, photographers, creative retouchers, designers, animators, 3D artists, and editors work tirelessly in order to formulate stunning imagery for you. From absolute zero to ideation to completion, we work in tandem with you to ensure that all our projects are seamless in form.

We have a strong reputation for artfully combining reality and CGI, and our quality is viable to the subatomic level. Contact us to create something amazing together today!


Ai’s team of multi-disciplined directors combine their expertise and years of experience to bring hands on creative solutions to your visual challenges all the way from ideation to completion.


Ai’s compound expertise in editing, compositing, animation, motion GFX, and color bring your stories vividly to life.


Design is the very nucleus of Ai’s studio. We have experts in graphic, product, and motion design that work separately or together depending on the solution required.


Ai’s inertia in modeling, lighting, texturing, shading, rigging and animating high res stills and/or motion pieces seamlessly fuse CGI with phenomenal film and photography.

Creative Retouching

Ai has been at the forefront of creative retouching since it’s genesis, constantly evolving to push the creative boundaries of photography, CGI and reality.


Ai’s team of in-house motion and still visual experts partner with you to deliver innovative solutions utilizing our full in-house studio and stage. We are meticulous in perfection, down to the most quantum details of your project.

We’ve had the privilege of creating kinetic energy for the best Clients on Earth. We’d love for you to join their ranks.